Avocado - Chapter 7 - By Oculus (with art by Carpdime and Waggytail)


A tribute to Carpdime’s Avocado

Chapter Seven

(continued from Chapter 6)

Our young man, Mark, had not seen Avocado for a few weeks now, but it couldn’t be helped. Though he managed to scrape by the past semester, he was now doing much better in his studies, being able to put in more time and focus into the classes he was attending. Currently, there was a presentation he had to give in about three weeks’ time, followed by a midterm exam the following week.

As such, and for two whole weeks, he had put off getting in touch with his parents, and with it, his dear little Avocado. So, when he saw his old man’s look of seriousness, it caught him by surprise.

“What’s the matter with Avo?”

“It is some bully at his school. Also, and apparently, Buttercup is no longer his friend.”

As the phone glided away from Harold’s face, it was brought down onto the floor, where Avocado was sitting. Now experiencing a new set of growth spurts, Harold had felt it best that Avo did not sit on table, unlike previously.

Avocado had his face down to the ground.

“Hey there, little guy.”

Avo didn’t move.

“H-h-hi, daddeh.”

Mark, easing his voice, and remembering talking to a little kid who looked down at the ground in the same manner, tried a different tactic.

“You okay, little guy? Something bad happened at school?”

Avocado sniffed, as he slowly said “Dewe am a buwwy. Meanie fwuffy hu gib huwties tu udda babbehs. Meanie buwwy wif meanie fwens. Aww da udda babbehs nu wike.”

“A bully, huh? Yeah, they travel in packs. The best thing to do is avoid them and don’t talk to them.”

“Bbabeh know, daddeh. Bu’… bu’.”

Avo was starting to tear up a little. Mark was afraid Avo would go silent, but he had to ask.

“But what?”

Stifling his hiccup, Avocado swallowed in his despair, knowing that his daddeh was always there to listen to him.

“Buttewcup spen’ moar time wif Buwwskwid. Wuv to pway wacies. Buttewcup nu wan pway wif Bwu ow Abo.”

“Oh,” acknowledged Mark. It sounded like a potential case of peer pressure, and it definitely would affect Avo, since Buttercup had been the closest friend to Avo and his buddy, Blueberry. But it was not a new thing, as Mark tried his best to allay his little green foal’s sadness.

“Sometimes, the people we call friends move on and want to hang out with other people. It happens. Hows Blueberry?”

“Bwubewwy am otay. Fwen am stiww a scawedie babbeh, bu’ Bwu stiww pway wif Avo.”

“And do you play with him today?”

“Oh yus. And Abo pway wif Bonnie and Mawigowd an’ T-bone an’ Weff-ai an’ Chiwwi, an Esidisi an”

As Avocado rattled on, he slowly realized that he still had a lot of friends to play with and who, like him, avoided Bullsquid and his gang.

Nodding, and with a smile of reassurance, Mark points out, “See Avo, you still have friends to play with.

Fluffies like Bullsquid will always be around, but you got to remember that you do have other friends. And even when it feels like you no longer have friends, you will always have family come home to.”

Avo lights up, as he remembers a lesson he learnt from My Little Fluffy, “And famiwy is da fiwst fwens babbeh wiww hab!”

“Precisely! Grandaddy, grandma, and I, we’re all your family, Avo.”

And for a brief moment, both man and foal smile at each other.

“Tanks, daddeh.”

There was still a lingering sadness in Avo’s mind, but, talking to Mark helped him a little. Though he was sad, he tried to put his mind into something that was more interesting. In the room that he was sleeping in, there was a toy rocket that had three “legs” of sorts. It looked very old, as the white paint around its main body was mostly fading. Avocado mostly played with his race car and the blockies but lately, he had been watching a cartoon about two men and a dog who went to the moon in a rocket. That toy rocket was of the same design.

As Avocado grasped the toy rocket in his hooves, he could imagine himself as an explorer on the moon, getting ready to go where no fluffy has gone before.



“Nyeaeeaow! Woom! Nyeeeaow!”


Avocado and Bonnie (Artist:Carpdime)

Bonnie was excited. She didn’t always get a chance to play with Avocado, but today, she got that chance again!

“Bonnie wub pwaying wif’ Avo!” exclaimed Bonnie, as she was holding a doll, fashioned after the likeness of a human female. Bonnie loved to hug the doll all day long, and pretend that she was its ‘mummah’.

“Bonnie wub dowwies! Wan pway wif dowwies?”

“Wocket go woosh!”

Avocado was too busy playing with the rocket. In his mind, he could see himself, wearing that spacesuit, and getting ready for his eventual arrival on the moon. Lost in his imagination, he kept flying the rocket all around the playpen, slowly moving to the side. Bonnie, wanting to get Avocado’s attention, placed her “hummeh” doll down, and followed Avocado. Eventually, Avocado sat down, and was about to “land” the rocket on the yellow surface of Planet Playpen.

Bonnie cared little for that historic event, as another thing caught her attention.


This particular playpen that Bonnie and Avo was at was located to a nursing area, where mares and the very young foals were stationed. Some of the adult mares had their own foals which they had to look after during the playtime, and it was here that the daycare provided a space for the mares to tend to, where they could breastfeed, or make sure they could rest while the mares mingled among themselves.

Bonnie looked on in delight as she saw the little foals who were still chirping. One foal still had his eyes closed, most likely have been born no more than a month ago. Another foal was hugging a more advanced hugtoy that was sold by Widdwe Mikes, that had a cute nose and eyes as compared to the more plain and featureless hugtoy sold by Hasbio. Bonnie knew that babies came out of the fluffy mummahs and that all girl fluffies would grow up to have their own babbehs. Well, at least that’s what one of the mares told her when she was at this playpen.

“Fwuffy am on da moon!”

Just as Avocado was lost in his imagination, Bonnie was lost in hers. She could imagine herself as a mother, with her own sweet baby to love, and give the warmest hugs to.

“Wuv chirpie babbehs!”

A pair of cold eyes was watching the two foals as they played without a care in the world. The cold eyes were associated with some other eyes who were busy building a large tower of blocks. They managed to shove away a few others who were in that spot, leaving these special blockies entirely to the cold eyes and his posse. The cold eyes gave a command to build the biggest house with the special blockies. As the hooves of the others did their work, the cold eyes kept watching Avocado, who was one of the more well-known and popular fluffies in the daycare, playing some silly little game with the peach coloured foal. For a moment, the cold eyes wanted the toy that was in the green foal’s hooves, but he then decided it looked too ugly for him.


As the cold eyes said this, he turned back, and saw the house that had been built him for him.

“Nu guud,” says Bullsquid. And with one quick motion, he brought the tower down. The other fluffies in his gang got to work, building a better one for him.


Bullsquid was always told that he was special.

Bullsquid could not remember his birth mother, nor his birth father. But he remembered his first encounter with daddeh. And daddeh always told him that he was the best.

As a baby, he remembered attending various nurseries. There, among all the other babbehs, he was always the biggest. Daddeh would come and collect him, and give him the biggest huggies.

There were times when the other fluffies has to gather round to receive milkies. Being the biggest, Bullsquid learnt that, if he just moved aside the smaller baby away from the milkie place, he’d get more milkies. And of course he deserved more milkies, he was the best.

Daddeh would tell Bullsquid that there was an important job for him. There was a special kind of game that Bullsquid had to play. Unlike the ball and the blockies, this game required having some weird toy placed on Bullsquid’s head. After some head huwties, Bullsquid finds himself in a speshul place, where he faced many, many munstahs.

But of course, the munstahs were all weak. And Bullsquid did the one thing he knew he was good for.

“Biggest stompies!”

With one stomp, Bullsquid defeated each munstah with ease. But as time went on, there was an even bigger munstah that he had to beat. It was rough, it was difficult.

But Bullsquid beat them all.

Bullsquid beat many monsters whenever he had that special toy on his head. And daddeh kept calling him the best because of it.

And how could those other dummy babbies know or understand? After a while, Bullsquid got annoyed with the other dummy babies, especially those who could not speak yet.

20134 - abuse artist_carpdime chirp chirpeh_babbeh fluffy_on_fluffy_abuse foal foal_abuse foals litterbox poopie_babbeh runt safe sharing shit smarty smawty_babbeh sorry_poopies

Bullsquid and his friend (Artist:Carpdime)

“Chirpeh babbeh am poopie wittahbox nao!”

It felt good to empty his bowels on that stupid baby who couldn’t talk, especially when the humans weren’t around.

“Chirpeh babbeh nu pway wif smarty babbehs bwockies!”

That was his best friend talking. Bullsquid had only known him for a week. But that best friend was smart, like he was. And just as tough. And he taught Bullsquid the most important lesson.

“’Buwwskwid an’ fwuffy am bestest babbehs. An’ bestest babbehs wiww get wut babbeh wan’!”

Bullsquid took that lesson to heart. At each nursery, Bullsquid was a menace, terrifying the younger foals. As he got better at the games, he got better at establishing a presence and making a name for himself in each daycare. Of course, the hummehs would come and keep him in check once in a while, but Bullsquid learnt the way of moving in a pack. And whenever he had his lackeys around, the other dummy babies learnt.

It was the same at Eastside Daycare now.


Lately, Avocado had been watching a lot more television. Sometimes, instead of sleeping, he would sneak into the living room to see what was on the teevee. Avo had to be really, really quiet, as he knew that Gwandad or Gwamma would put him the sorry box the following day if he got caught. Tiptoeing discreetly, Avocado was able to catch five minutes of a movie his grandmother was watching.

The screen seemed to showing a human man and a human woman. In glimpses before, Avo had seen the two of them kiss affectionately. But now, they were starting to drift apart.

“But Melanie-”

“I don’t want to talk about it. You lied to me.”

“Melanie, I need you.”

The human woman looks at the male. Hesitant, but angry, she lets out one line.

“And I don’t need you.”

Avocado had yet to learn the concept of special friends, that kind of friendship that is more than “just friends.” And yet, despite this lack of knowledge, Avocado could understand there was a closeness between the man and the woman previously, but this closeness was now being tested. As the woman walked away from the house, she goes to a park bench, and starts to cry. Even though this was all fiction, it stirred in Avo so much that he wanted to give the woman the biggest huggies.

But of course, that was not the only show that Avocado saw. Avocado had been watching a lot more action related shows. There was that show about the two adventurers and the dog, who had been to the Moon, as well as fought the Incas and found treasure deep underwater.

And then there was Superfluffy. Avocado only saw that movie once, but it left the biggest impression on him.

19399 - artist_waggytail comic hugbox safe wagging_tail

Metaw Munstah v Supahfwuff: Dawn of Cuddles (Artist:Waggytail) (Fluffybooru id: 19399)

Avocado hunched up. Although the race car was a toy, he could imagine that it was being driven by one of the baddies. Play-acting as the action movie star Superfluffy, he grimaced, “Pwepawe fo’ foeba sweepies!”

And raising his hind legs, Avocado was getting ready to strike!


Gwamma’s voice caught Avocado by surprise. For a moment, he thought he was doing something wrong.

“Cuddle time!”

Avocado lights up when he hears that. Forgetting both the earlier events of the day, and his playacting, he happily responds with an “Otay, gwamma!”


Amber had been tracking the maturing of the foals. She had experiencing with the fast rate that fluffies mature, having taught previous cohorts of foals at the daycare.

And one of the most serious phases of education for the adolescent foals was that of sexual education. After all, it is during this period when the fluffies have developed fully functioning sexual organs, but had not fully reached adulthood yet. Fluffies at this age would experience their first hormonal changes, but would not be mentally ready to manage these raging hormones. During this period, they would be prone to making a lot of mistakes. During the first few years when fluffies were released, many runaway foals that were barely a year old came back with unwanted pregnancies, while male foals of the same age would gallivant unnecessarily.

This was never an easy step, and the syllabus for it was still reliant on trial and error. The current syllabus had reached an efficacy rate of 80%, with only one four in twenty developing an interest in sexual relations ungoverned by their owner. The Auburn remembered the sordid time one feral stallion entered the daycare and cavorted with one of the mares. Thankfully, the mare had not ended up pregnant, but the occasion had result in the loss of friendship between the mare and a fellow participant at the daycare. The owners involved were rather forgiving, and the feral had been caught and rehabilitated, but it was an experience the Auburn did not wish to relive.

It was the weekend. Amber had been busy reaching out to the various owners to talk to them about the syllabus. As with the other lessons, sexual education needed to be handled by both the owner and the daycare, as owners need to be aware of their pet’s intentions for a relationship, if any, as well as their sexual intentions, if any.

Amber looked through the roster of male fluffies. Avocado was one of the first names that stood out, but Amber knew that he was already neutered. According to a statement put forward by Foalcan Inc., all of their foals, being 3D printed, were produced without sexual organs, or at most, with a non-functioning set of organs purely for show. In contrast, and under B, Bullsquid and Blueberry were both fertile, as both their owners had intended for their respective fluffies to be used for breeding when they got older.

Upon looking through the male fluffies, Amber came to the girl fluffies. Seeing Bonnie’s name, she recognized her as a fertile fluffy. The Auburn remembered that Bonnie really liked foals and, with such a motherly attitude, the Auburn could see Bonnie being a good mother when she gets older.

The shrill sound of the phone broke Amber’s concentration. As she picked up the phone, she heard the familiar voice of Bonnie’s owner.

“Hello? Is this Amber?”

“Yes speaking. I was trying to contact you regarding the sexual education class.”


Bonnie was feeling the wowstest huwties. Her daddeh told her that they were going to Sleepyland to have the bestest sleepies. And Bonnie did have the bestest sleepies.

But, when she woke up, she felt a terrible, terrible huwtie. She felt like something of hers was gone. And when she heard the news from her daddeh, she felt shocked. And then angry, and sad.

But daddeh didn’t care.

That cold Sunday night, she ripped the head off the human doll she had. She then cried herself to sleep.


The Auburn took in a deep breath, as she announced the subject that was going to be introduced in the curriculum.

“Today, we’re going to learn about sex. Or, as fluffies call it, special hugs.”

The entire class of foals started giggling. With the remote exception of a few foals like Avocado, most of the other members of the class knew what “speshul huggies” were.

“This is no laughing matter,” said the Auburn, gritting her teeth. She then continued, “Sex is a serious business, and there is more about a relationship between a boy and a girl fluffy than just sex!”

“Mummah Amba am wite, cwass! Speshul huggies am siwwius biznis! Nuu hahas nao!”

“Thank you, Candy.

Now I’ve spoken to all your owners, and most of you will be going to a specific class. Some of you, however, will be going to another class. Before we split up though, I will be playing a FluffTV video about relationships.”

Each classroom came with a fluffy-compatible television that could be operated by a fluffy with minimal human supervision. This included an opening below the screen where a compact disc could be entered. Using her mouth, Candy picked up the CD and placed it inside the opening, then pressed her hoof on the giant “play” button.


For the past fifteen minutes, the class had been watching the story of a blue fluffy colt who met a pink fluffy filly. They both barely had manes on their heads, indicating that they were no longer mere foals but not yet fully adult. In the story, the two met at a daycare, and both parties were interested in each other, but neither the male nor the female were able to make the first movie. Then, and one day, they bonded over a mutual interest in building blocks.

A casual friendship slowly became a close one, and, within a week, the two fluffies said the lines.

“Fwuffy wub ‘ou, speshul fwen!”

“Fwuffy wub ‘ou tu, speshul fwen!”

And they kissed. And they seemed to do something. Avocado didn’t quite understand it, as the only thing they showed was a shadow of what seemed to be the male fluffy hugging the female from behind.

But the happiness was short-lived. For some reason or other, the male fluffy was spending less time with the female fluffy. This confused the female fluffy, who felt like he was avoiding her.

And then one day, she got into an accident. And the male fluffy wasn’t there to see her recover.

She felt alone in the world, with no one, not even her special friend, coming to spend time with her. Slowly, the feelings of love that she had for her special friend turned to indifference, and then hate.

And then, he came back to meet her.

“Hatechu! Fwuffy nu wuv ‘ou nu mowe!”

“But speshul fwen,” pleads the colt, “fwuffy need ‘ou.”

The screen focused on the mares face, as she utters the dreaded line, “Fwuffy nu need ‘ou.”

As Avo kept watching the relationship of the two fluffies deteriorate, he was reminded of the movie he saw many nights, while gwamma was watching tv. It was a sad story, but it seemed to show that love, this love between a male and a female, was a complex thing, and perhaps not very desirable.

After the show ended, the Auburn then made an announcement to the class.

“Alright, you will be split between the different classes. When I call out your name, you will come to the front.”


Avocado was a bit surprised to see that both of his best friends were not in the room with him. He recognized all his fellow classmates, including Chilli, Left-Eye, Esidisi and of course, Bonnie, but Buttercup and Blueberry were not around.

Amber and Candy were still the teachers of this class, but it made Avo wonder about the class his best fwens were going to.

“Alright class. You’re all here because you all don’t have special lumps.”

“Fwuffy wan’ speshul wumps.”

That voice came from the back, and it sounded familiar.

“Well, life isn’t all about special lumps. Candy here, for instance, doesn’t have special lumps.”

“Das kowwekt, mummah Amba. Fwuffy nu hab speshuw wumps-“

Before Candy could finish her statement, one particularly rowdy voice asked from the back.

“Mummahs eba had a speshul fwen?”

And the whole class giggled.

Both of them rolling their eyes, Candy answered first, “Yus, mummah hab a speshul fwen. Mummah Amba tu.”

“Indeed, I had a boyfriend. Once. A long time ago.”

Avocado could see Amber mutter something angry under her breath.

“Nu need to hab speshul wumps to hab speshul fwens?”

“No, Chilli. Well, it does depend. But sometimes having a significant other, a special friend, isn’t all about sex.”

“Candy hab speshul fwen many, many forebas ago. Speshul fwen am so smawt, so stwong, and can tawk so sweet. Weawwy miss speshulf wen…”

Realizing that she was deviating from the topic, Candy corrected herself, “But yus, speshul fwens am mo’ den speshul huggies!”


The other class was a much smaller class, a fraction of the cohort that Amber usually teaches, but the fluffies in this class all had one thing in common: they all still had their speshul pwaces. The females still had the nu-nus, and the boys still had their bawws.

Bullsquid was aware that some of the members of his posse had gone over to the other side, the dummeh no-good no-wumps side. That was no matter. His daddeh had told him that he was the best fluffy, and he would have the best babbehs some day.

As he eyed the class, he saw that Marigold was seated at the end, with her catlike grace licking her hoof. This was good.

Not too far from her, and seating in the back was the scaredy dummeh known as Blueberry. Usually, Blueberry would be with that other dummeh, Avocado. But now, Blueberry was in the same class with him, and lacked that protection. For Blueberry tried to sit next to Buttercup, but the yellow fluffy just ignored. Bullsquid smiled a wicked smile, seeing Buttercup’s loyalty.


As the days passed by within that week, Amber and Candy rotated their classes with another pair of teachers from the daycare. The lessons had revolved around a special kind of love, a love between two friends.

“Wike Avo wif Bwu n’ Butta?”

“Not quite, Avo. It’s a really, really close relationship. Its not the same ”

The lessons went on to talk about the special stick that boy fluffies had. Even in the removal of the testes, as is the case of some of the other colts that Avo knew, all male fluffies had the ability to make their special stick really, really hard.

“Bu why?”

“Well Avo, when a boy likes a girl a lot, he develops certain feelings.”

Harold felt a little embarrassed. He had done “the talk” before, but it was very different to talk to a young fluffy pony about it.

“Wike, wut kine’ of feewings?”

“Special feelings. That’s why we have the term special friends, and special hugs. It’s a very special kind of love.”

“Wike Gwandad an’ Gwamma?”

Harold lets out a hearty laugh, as he says, “Yes, Avo.

It’s a special kind of love that makes all animals, whether it is humans, cats, dogs or even fluffies have, that helps them to have babies.”

“Bu’ mummah Amba say Avo nu can hab babbehs!”

“Ah yes, Avo. But you are still able to have those special kind of feelings. The humans can take away your lumps or your special stick, but you will still be able to have a fascination for some girl. Or guy, if you turn out that way.”

Avocado, pondered on that statement. The thought just seemed too weird to him.


But he didn’t have to ponder long.

“Wuss da matta, Bwubewwy?”

Blueberry hesitated. He wasn’t sure how to convey his feelings to his best friend. Lately, Blueberry had opted to spend more time with Avocado during the playtime, as Bullsquid and his lackeys kept harassing him, but there was a feeling that he had been bottling up for so long. However, and with the classes going on, Blueberry felt that it was the time to talk to someone he could trust about it.

“Bwuebewww weawwy, weawwy wike Mawigowd.”

“Fwuffy wike Mawigowd!”

“Nu, nu, Avo. Fwuffy, weawwy, WEAWWY wike Mawigowd. A speshul kinda wike.”

Blueberry gulped. The only other person he told about his infatuation to was Jimmy, who flat out said that he was too young for it.

“Wike a speshul fwen?”

“Dats it!”

“Bu’ Bwu, fwuffy am onwy a widdwe babbeh! And mummah Amba say it am nu guud fow babbehs tu hab speshul fwens! Nu nao!”

“Babbeh knu… babbeh knu.”

It seemed to be that, even though he wasn’t developing an interest in any of the girls in the class, it seemed like some of the other boys were. And yet, Avocado remembering what Amber and Candy said at the start of the previous week, Avo knew that he had to help his friend.

“Bwu hab to knu mowe abow Mawigowd. Speshul fwens am mo’ than jus’ speshul huggies.”

“Fwuffy knu….”

“So, mebbe Awo and Bwu can hab wotsa tawkies wif Mawigow’? Knu Mawigow’ mowe? An’, membbe when Bwu am a big fwuffy, and daddeh wikes Maiwgow, ‘den mebbe Mawigowd can be Bwu speshul fwen.

But Bwu gotta wait! Bwu am stiww a widdwe babbeh. Dewe’s wots an’ wots dat fwuffy hab to weawn.”

That was a mouthful for Avo to say. But he was trying to channel what his mummahs at the daycare were trying to say the whole time. After all, they were not yet adult fluffies. And even if they did develop these special feelings, they might not be able to act on it rationally. Plus, with their human overlords around, they might not approve of such relationships. Avocado, as a loyal fluffy, himself wishes that Blue would also remain loyal to his daddeh Jimmy, regardless of his feelings.


Blueberry was not the only one who was having the weird feelings. For the past two weeks, Avocado noticed that Bonnie seemed upset. Avocado had known her to be shy, but lately she seemed to be constantly sad.

It was playtime, but Bonnie did not feel like playing. All she could do was stare at the pool in front of her. A few of the foals were busy jumping into the pool, making splashes.

As she kept staring, she could see two foals, younger than her, giggling happy.

“Mummah, come pway wif babbeh!”

Upon hearing that word, Bonnie cried very audibly.


Avocado, who had been busy playing with his rocket, heard Bonnie’s cries. Even though he had no interest in dolls and girl things, he was sensitive to the cries of someone else.

“Wuts wong, Bonnie?”

“Bonnie wan babbehs.”


“Bonnie wan babbehs BONNIE WAN BABBEHS! Meanie daddeh tuuk away Bonnie’s speshul wumps! Bonnie wiww neva hab babbehs!”


“Bonnie wan be mummah! Bonnie wan hab chirpeh babbehs! Bonnie wan hab a babbeh to gib miwkies, wub and huggies tu!

Bonnie am angwy! Hate, hate daddeh! Meanie daddeh, wowstest daddeh…”

Bonnie was taken aback. Avo had his front legs around her in an embrace.

It was something she always wanted, but she never wished it had to be this way. Avo, however, never knew that fact. Even though he was unaware of Bonnie’s feelings to him, it wouldn’t have really mattered. For in this moment, the only thing on Avo’s mind was his dismay at seeing his friend being unhappy.

“Avo nu wike Bonnie be saddies! Bonnie am speshul!”

“Bonnie nu am speshul! Bonnie nu hab nu-nuns and wiww neva be mom-“

“Bonnie! Dewe is mowe fwuffy can do ‘den jus be a mummah!”

“Wike wut?” retorted Bonnie angrily.

“Wike-wike, toysies! And buuks, and fwufftv and advenchas! If fwuffy hab babbehs, fwuffy wiww neba weawn mow abow da wowld!

Avo was stumbling, as he didn’t know how to answer his friend. He too was feeling hurt and dismayed. Although he never had an interest in romance, or becoming a father, he hated to see Bonnie be so upset. And worse, he had no idea how to help a friend of his. But there was also something that was on his mind.

“Bonnie, daddeh onwy wan wats guud fow fwuffy. Babbehs am a wotta wowk. Hab to give wub an huggies and miwkies! Babbehs am a big sponsitiwity, eben fow da hummehs!”

Sponsitiwity, that’s the word. Avocado had heard Amber and Candy used that word often, the fluffspeak word for Responsibility. It was a big word, but it was an important word. The hummehs had sponsitiwites to fluffies and, in turn, fluffies had their own sponsitiwities. And having babbehs was definitely a big sponsitiwity.

Bonnie, was taken aback. She had never seen Avo get mad before. Despite his lack of understanding, Avo didn’t want to see his friend get upset. And, even though she couldn’t be a mummah, Avo meant everything to Bonnie. After all, it was Avo who Bonnie wanted to have babbehs with, even if he didn’t have his special lumps. Bonnie felt a deep love for Avo that, even without those speshul pwaces, the love remained.

“Bo-Bonnie undahstan, Avo. Pwez nu be mad.”

Avo was taken aback. He didn’t realize he looked angry.

“Fw-fwuffy am sowwy, Bonnie.”

“Its awwite, Abo.”

Bonni brought her hoofs to Avo’s shoulder. With a resigned look on her face, but realizing that she was closer to her crush, she then asked, “Fwens?”

Avo smiled, and said, “Fwens.”

As both foals hugged, a tear trickled down Bonnie’s eye. Yet, she took in a deep breath and, as they recovered from the hug, Avo asked the first question.

“Wan pway wacies?”

Avo beamed with a quick “Shuwe!”

Bonnie felt blissful, as she was literally chased after the boy of her dreams. Perhaps this was good enough, for now.


Buttercup was running for dear life. For the past two weeks, he had looked up to Bullsquid. Bullsquid was strong and tough like him, and had a passion for running. Bullsquid told him that Avocado and Blueberry were dummies. It was not something that he believed in but, Bullsquid didn’t go out of his way to hurt Avocado, nor Blueberry.

However, Bullsquid was now doing something terribly wrong. And for the first time, he needed Avo’s help more than ever.

Upon reaching the other playpen, Buttercup could see Avocado and Bonnie playing wacies.

“Haha gotchu!”

Bonnie was surprised however, as Avocado was staring at Buttercup. After all, the yellow fluffy had avoided Avocado for a good while now.

“Buttewcup! Bu’ wa-”

“Abo! Bwubewwy nee hewp!!”


Marigold covered her eyes in horror, as she saw Blueberry being beaten up by Bullsquid.

“Git stompies, stuppeh dummeh poopeh babbeh!”

Despite the blows, Blueberry yelled out, “Mawigowd, wun!!”

An anger came over Bullsquid as he saw his intended prize, the one fluffy he coveted, run away. Weeks of pent up frustration, and poor planning, all failed. Today was his last day at this stupid daycare with its stupid dummies. The only fluffy that was interesting to him was Marigold, and he had intended to have his first speshul huggies with Marigold, because clearly she looked like she was the best fluffy, at least in this daycare. But this blue fluffy, this stupid, scaredy Blue dummy fluffy had to defy him.

“Ib mawe nu gonna be enfie babbe, then poopie babbeh wiww be enfie babbeh.”


Avocado and Buttercup look in horror as he saw Bullsquid, with his hard erect member, sticking out, heavily hitting at Blueberry with his large hooves.

“Dummeh Buttewcu’! ‘ou nu am pawt ob hewd!”

Buttercup didn’t care – they were blocking Avo’s way.

As Buttercup took on the other male members of Bullsquid’s gang, Avo sprinted towards Bullsquid’s direction. He didn’t care for the fact that Bullsquid was larger than him, tougher than him, or smarter than him. In his mind, he imagined himself as Superfluffy, Pinpin, Lightning Fast and the various other TV heroes he saw on the screen.

Bullsquid, long seeking relief, was ready to insert his member into Blueberry when a green front hoof came and knocked him out. Bullsquid , knocked off balance, landed on his back. Being a fluffy of a breed with stubby legs, his five legs wiggled about, as he slowly tried to regain balance. And that was when he saw his nemesis, his rival, that one green fluffy that everyone in the daycare seemed to like until he turned up.


Bullsquid snarled, as he charged towards Avo.

“Weave fwen awone, buwwy!”

Blueberry looked on helplessly as he saw Bullsquid unleash his anger upon Avo. However, while Avo did not Buttercup’s strength, he had the one thing that Buttercup didn’t have – tenacity. As he remembered the actions of Superfluffy, and Pinpin against the rogue agent on the moon, Avocado biting Bullsquid’s legs and hit him as much as he could. And for a good long minute, Avocado held out.

But alas, Bullsquid’s strength prevailed. It was a good long while until the two fluffies were staring each other, tired from fighting, but ready to trade their final blows. Avo knew the danger, but was ready to take the risk if it meant distracting Bullsquid away from Blueberry.

Sadly, the designer fluffy gained the upper hand.

As Avocado’s body lay on the ground, bloodied and defeated, Bullsquid was panting heavily, too tired to gloat. In his mind, he wanted to announce to the other fluffies that this is what they would get if they crossed his path. But the hormones in his body were guiding him to do one foul deed.

“That’s enough.”

Bullsquid froze in fear as he heard the perfect English that keyed the menacing presence of the human. Bonnie, fearing for Avo’s safety, had sought out her teachers help, and Amber was now here, to see the mess.

Bullsquid as always, was prepared.

“Avo stawted it! Buwwskwid onwy wan pway, but ‘den Abocado nu gib Abo da baww…”

“I’m not stupid, Bullsquid. Why is your penis out?”

Bullsquid clearly did not think this through. And, despite his injuries, Blueberry yelled out in anger.

“Buwwskwid wanna gib bad speshul huggies! Fiwst he huwt Mawigowd, den fwuffy, then poow Abo!!”

The Auburn was angry. However, she had to be professional.


Bullsquid was in a cage. He could hear his teacher being very angry towards his daddeh.

“Its not my fault that my little buddy got horny. I thought it was your job to teach fluffies sexual education!”

“Listen, mister, we can only do so much to prevent fluffies from having random sexual encounters. And from what I understand, Bullsquid has been a bully to the rest of the fluffies at this daycare!”

“A bully? Bullshit! Bullsquid is the sweetest fluffy I know! He never complains, and listens to me everyday at home!”

“Well your sweet little fluffy just tried to rape three of my charges! If I had the money I would see you in court!”

Bullsquid’s daddy snarled. It was Bullsquid’s last day at the place anyway, and it really wasn’t worth his time.


Bullsquid leaves the daycare (Artist:Carpdime)

“I’m not coming back to his place ever. Fuck this place.”

And the man carried the cage with Bullsquid away, Amber muttered under her breath, “Well, fuck you too.”

In his cage, Bullsquid remained silent.


His right eye bruised, Avocado slowly opened it, and saw the warm and welcome area of the veterinarian clinic. He could see Mummah Candee by her side, singing that important song.

“Mummah wubs babbeh,

Babbeh wuvs mummah,”

Next to her was Bonnie, who was crying heavily.

“Avo pwez nu foreba sweepies.

Fwuffy, hic fwuffy…. Fwuffy wub ‘ou.”

Upon hearing that, something stirred in Avo. He was feeling too pained. Too hurt. But he didn’t want Bonnie to worry about him.


“Bonnie. Mummah.”

Both mares exclaimed as they heard Avo’s first voice since the incident, “Avo!”

“Is Bwu otay?”

“Am otay, Avo.”

Blue was also by his side. His right front was bandaged, a result of Bullsquid’s terrible injuries. But he was okay. They were all okay. And with that thought in mind, Avocado smiled.


“How is he doing, doctor?”

“He’s doing fine. I’m surprise that Avocado was quite the fighter, being able to take on a fluffy much larger than him.”

“But he’s not supposed to do that. We don’t allow fighting in the daycare.”

“Yes, but, you know that fluffies are prone to violence the same way we are. Its animal instinct. Not all violence is aggression and, if what you tell me is true, Avo may have leapt in to protect Buieberry from Bullsquid.”

“Yeah… fuck that guy.”

“But that reminds me. You said that Avo was a foal in a can, right?”

“Yes. Why?”


Perspiration dripped down Mark’s forehead, as he stared at the screen. On the other end, thousands of miles way, his father had a grim and very concerned look.

“Is little Avo okay?”

“He got beat up badly, but he’s fine.”

“Thank god.”

“Apparently, his friend Blueberry was getting beat up by a really bad fluffy call Bullsquid. His owner fled town, so there’s not much we can do about it.”

“But how is Avo?”

“He was badly hurt, but he didn’t have any broken bones or anything. Just a lot of cuts and bruises from the fighting. He should be out after the weekend.”

With the blood boiling in his veins at the injustice, Mark lamented, “I wish I was there.”

“You got your studies to worry about. You should concentrate on that.

That said, there is something we have to talk about Avocado.”

Mark sighed. Now what?

“The doctor was surprised by the fact that Avo has a pair of functioning testicles.”

Mark’s eyes widened upon hearing that revelation.

“I thought he was a foalcan! I know he’s a guy, having a pecker and all that, but I thought he was neutered!”

“According to the vet, there’s a presence of some chemical in his bloodstream. If Avo had been neutered, the effect was only temporary. Basically put, Avocado has a good set of balls.”

“Well, that’s great, I guess.”

“It isn’t.

Mark, the vet wants to know if Avocado is to be neutered, given this revelation. I said I was going to talk to you, since you’re Avocado’s actual owner.”

“I mean, isn’t that the right thing to do?”

“Well, Scarlet doesn’t plan to neuter Buttercup until he’s an adult. She says that it is better to wait until they’re fully adult, and can understand the consequences of neutering before going through it, as it can have a psychological effect on them. And if you want Avocado to have his own kids, you could leave those balls alone.

It’s up to you Mark.”

As the screen went silent, Mark stares at the blankness of the screen. And thinks.

And thinks. And thinks.


All I have in this world is my balls and my word

  • Tony Montana, Scarface (1983)


This was a big one, and was intended to be one of the longer chapters of Avocado (There’s only one other chapter I plan to be about as long or longer) I usually prefer to keep chapters of Avocado to about 2k to 3k words, but the themes and subjects in this chapter necessitated a longer story. This chapter was also written as a response to a certain story by Wangew_Wick.

Some notes:

Next up will be the next entry of the Sam Adams Guide, featuring @pillows


If they really wanted to, Bonnie could help raise orphaned foals! Help get those babies off the streets and out of the shelters


Candy also has that role to some extent and yes, that is the future I am intending for Bonnie. The thing is though, I think Bonnie will still be upset that she will never have her own babies. Even if she makes a good mother, I think her own secret desire is to be able to give birth to a child that she can call her own, and better yet, one born from love.

For me its an exploration of a serious question regarding the status of fluffies as a sentient creature. As much as I believe that domestic fluffies should be neutered for the greater pragmatic good, their status as sentient creatures makes the choice a difficult one from an alternate moral perspective. Its a view I mentioned in this topic - I have a love for both the fluffy that is loyal to his or her owner, and the runaway who seeks freedom.


I love this series, and the artwork! Keep up the fantastic work!


Nice. Fluffy playing with the moon rocket from Tintin in the Carpdime piece.


Buttercup sounds like kind of an asshole, too tbh…


Bullsquid’s owner deserves to crash into a ditch get pinned by a tree and starve to death with his trash smarty.


Nah, I say he one day pisses off the wrong person and gets sued down to his breifs.


Or none lethal it turns out Bullsquid can’t have kids at all so he wasted all that time and money ON NOTHING But a smarty.


I would have sorrysticked Bullsquid into next week. And maybe taken an eye.


Take his dick and lumps so asshole daddy cant plague the world with another smarty.


One of the critiques of Cool Cat saves the Kids by YMS was the idea that bullies were loners when the truth is that bullies usually work in groups, or have some social standing. After all, the people who get bullied are usually people who are easy targets. To put it simply, bullies target the odd ones, and are usually not the odd ones out themselves.

To relate it back to Buttercup, I wanted to characterize is as Buttercup taking interest in a friend who shared his interest and physique, that is, exercising and running. It is a sad fact of the world that, if given a choice between sticking to a more popular friend, or your old friends, people would go for the more popular or ‘cool’ friend. That said, Buttercup does have a strong moral bond with Avo based on how they first met, which is why he made the choice to go back to Avo at the end. I’ll have to write a bit about why Bullsquid appealed to Buttercup, but the next chapter will definitely go over the three amigos healing the rift that Bullsquid had created.

Also, I have added a new illustration by Carpdime of Bullsquid leaving the daycare.

EDIT: And added another of Avocado recuperating.


I’m pretty mad they didn’t do anything to Bullsquid. They’ve just been letting him get away with whatever he wanted and now he’s gone. Maybe it just reminds me too much of how things work in real life.


@NinjamanHex5 Considering the story that this chapter was written in response to, its a sad fact of the world. But I should mention that Bullsquid didn’t exactly have nothing done to him - he could have gotten away with far worst. Its also why I wrote this chapter - I think too many stories on the booru had fluffies not standing up, while conversely having bad ones get away with “too much”. I like fluffies who develop their own autonomy, and who stand up for whats right. Its part of my belief that hugbox has to be more than just “saccharine and huggies”.

I still need to write a solo on Bullsquid’s own story, once I settle on all the other stuff I plan to write Dx


If I have to give a spoiler, the story I have in mind is a “rise and fall” of Bullsquid.

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