Passed with flying colors (a non-musical by TheHunters)

Each year, all through this little town, Fluffies would reunite to see wonders and magic in the air, the Christmas talent contest hosted by Jack and Jill the humans and Wilfred the Fluffy. Every Fluffy was allowed to participate, to show what they had to show to the world, and the winner got attached a big red object on their back and sent to meet Santa Claus. The first winner managed to hold a bottle on its snout for an entire minute while on its hind legs, the second stood on its front legs and danced, and so on and so on. After a night full of Fluffies trying their best to prove they were the greatest of the neighborhood, they were attached to the red object, and sent up flying into the night, with the letters of the children of the neighborhood attached to the Fluffy with tape.

Each year, a little baby Fluffy called “Butter Bean”, or BB for short, wanted to be the winner of the contest, and practiced a lot to join in. One time, he tried to juggle meatballs, but ended up eating them. Another time, he tried to dance, but tripped and broke his leg. For his third year, and with the assistance of Jill, he ran into hoops and jumped through them. After the end of the night, he got his wish, to be the Fluffy to carry the letters and be a pet for Santa. Jill attached the letter and string to BB, who was so excited, he couldn’t contain it, and was jumpy all throughout the process. Then, Jack used a big metal bottle to give the “Balloon” magic, making it float into the air. BB extended his body, as everyone bid him goodbye, and he disappeared into the night sky.

Hours later, BB was bored now, and was afraid to look down. He had been on the “Balloon” for so much time, he had even forgotten why he was there. Then, he began hearing sounds, like a lot of flapping, and singing, and… BIRDS!!! The birds flew straight through BB, but the Balloon wasn’t as lucky, and it exploded, sending BB down into the ground, a quarry filled with rocks waiting below to “cushion” his fall. BB fell directly into one of the sharpest ones, and his back broke immediately. As he laid there, he saw a strange figure walking towards him. A human, perhaps? He didn’t feel anything, and wanted a hug. BB extended its legs and embraced the Grim Reaper as he took BB’s soul into the afterlife.

Time passed, and various Fluffies experienced what BB experienced each year, until one Christmas in which neither Jill nor Wilfred arrived, because of loud shooting in her house, and after a while, Jack left too, therefore ending the contest once and for all. But the flying didn’t stop. In Birchwood, there is an urban legend, that during Christmas Eve, the souls of all the Fluffies that desired to fly will show, like fireflies in the woods, and ascend with their brothers to heaven. Sadly, that results in deaths because the ghosts drop their brethren once the dawn arrives, which usually explains random corpses of Fluffies after Christmas Eve.