Where's the bowl? (fluffsplosion)

One of the the things they tried on the original Fluffcast was reading gluefics.
One of the more memorable of the abominations that was read was Momma Fluttershy. (Read at your own risk…Consider yourself warned.)
No-one really expects these things to be well written, and often much of the entertainment value comes from the errors, but this one was notably bad. Aside from being a crime against language, the fic received an exceptionally negative response from both the cast and the audience.

29119 - artist_fluffsplosion bowl fluffyshy livestream mlp safe tentacles

So there’s your damned bowl. :rage:


where is that fic? the link only leads to downloading the drawing



I don’t know anything about the language problems, but it was just weird. Mostly i didn’t understand any small symbolism or the ending… but cool gore

It looks like it’s been edited. The original version had bowls instead of bowels, hence the drawing.