"World Tour" Part 4 by NobodyAtAll

Part 3

The ChaotiX squad sent to retrieve the Omega Drive in the USA walks through the ruins of Cleveland, towards the former site of Spaghetti Land.

Other than them, the place is empty. Nobody else will go near Cleveland anymore. The ashes made for a wonderful fertilizer, so the plants have made Cleveland their domain.

After the Fall of Cleveland, Pierre quickly discovered Rupert Murdoch’s part in the disaster, and had sent Victor out on a job, only to discover that someone else had beaten them to Murdoch.

But they figured out who killed Murdoch, and Victor discovered the other crimes the killer had committed, so Victor paid him a visit instead.

This squad consists of Dave, Slayer, Judy, Prometheus, Wally, Bolt, Brian, and Stretch.

Dave looks around with a grim look on his face.

“I can’t believe that Nazi fuck hid an Omega Drive in Spaghetti Land of all places. How come nobody found it while they were building that dump?”

Prometheus’ glowing yellow eyes flicker as he processes data.

“According to the coordinates we were given, it’s underground. The construction team wouldn’t have dug deep enough to find it.”

Dave groans.

“Why aren’t Roland and Terra on our squad? Even with our superstrength, it’ll take ages to dig it out.”

Wally winks at Dave, and holds up the adamantium shovel he’s carrying.

“Dude, you’re forgetting how fast I am. This is a matter of speed, not power.”

“Oh, right. Hey, Bri. How much further to go? If it’s a lot, I’m going demon and flying the rest of the way.”

Brian glares at Dave.

“We’re supposed to be keeping a low profile, Dave. A demon flying around draws attention. And we don’t want you-know-who spotting you. Keep your feet on the ground.”

Brian stretches his legs, rising up, and then his legs snap back to regular length.


“It’s not far, anyway.”

Then Dave glares back at Brian.

“You say keep a low profile, but you just did that.

Slayer rolls his eyes.

“Kwit yu bitchin, daddeh. Wuz onwy fow a sekkund ow too.”

Brian smiles at Slayer.

“Thanks, Slayer. Sorry, Dave. I don’t mean to be so harsh, but we need to get in and out before the Caldroid finds us.”

Dave shrugs.

“Fine. You both have a point. I mean, we don’t know which Drive the asshole is going after first. But what I don’t get is why Wally here isn’t just going ahead and getting the Drive.”

Wally holds up the shovel again.

“Because I’m going to be doing the digging. And I can’t do that and defend myself from the Caldroid. So you’ll all be standing guard, and if the metal prick shows up, you’ll have to stall him. I know Cal told us to run if that happens, but I’m not letting the bastard get any stronger. If the Caldroid does show up, you run. I’ll keep digging even if it kills me.”

Judy nods. She’s wearing her battle suit, rather than her robe.

“I’ll cast Varyas around us before you start digging, Wally.”

“I appreciate that, Judy, but I think the Caldroid could just power through the barrier.”

“I get what you mean. I’m not nearly as powerful as Dad is yet.”

Prometheus smiles at Judy.

"Don’t feel ashamed, Madam Judy. You’ve only started practicing magic recently. Your father has been doing it for years. But for such a short time, you’ve advanced quickly. I daresay you are one of those people with a natural talent for magic."

“Thanks, Prommy. Hey, I’ve been wondering. Can robots cast magic?”

“No. Though Madam Valerie is working on that.”

“That’s a shame.”

“We’re good at other things.”

“That’s true.”

Once the group has entered the ruins of Spaghetti Land, they reach the spot that the coordinates indicate that the Drive is buried.

Prometheus moves the pile of wreckage on the spot, so Wally can get to work.

Wally stands on the spot, and brandishes the shovel.

“Stand back, everyone. The dirt’s gonna fly.

Everyone does so.


Wally, now a red, yellow and orange blur, starts digging as fast as he can.

This is why the shovel is made entirely of adamantium. A steel shovel would snap in half at this speed.

As promised, the dirt starts flying. Judy casts Varyas anyway, to shield the group from getting dirty.

After fifteen minutes, Wally calls up from the deep hole.

“Hey guys, I found it! Bri, Stretch! Lift me up!”

Judy dispels the barrier, and Brian and Stretch walk up to the hole.

Brian stretches his arms down into the hole, and Stretch does the same with his front legs.

They pull Wally up, their respective limbs wrapped around his waist firmly enough to keep him from slipping out of their grip, but not so tight that he can’t breathe.

Wally is beaming, despite the fact that he is now covered in mud, as is the shovel he holds in one hand. Only a few bits of his red and yellow battle suit are visible through the mud.

In the other hand, he holds a purple Omega Drive, which he hands to Judy.

Wally looks up and down at himself, then picks an earthworm out of his hair.

A bird swoops in, eats the worm, and flies off.

“Good thing these suits are stain resistant, huh? Excellent work, team. Let’s go home, I’m spending the rest of the day in the shower.”

I pant in exhaustion as the copious amounts of smoke clear.

I can’t see the bastard anymore. I hope it’s dead. I don’t think I can last much longer.

haff Did I haff get it?”

Then I hear the bastard’s voice further up in the sky.


The Caldroid flies down at me and sends me flying towards the ocean with a kick.




I sink down into the ocean, eventually righting myself and bobbing in place as I think.

Fortunately, I’ve copied Artie and Splash’s waterbreathing power, so I can’t drown anymore. I can take my time down here.

But the bastard probably doesn’t know that.

My gadgets are all in my pouches, and the pouches are waterproof, so I don’t need to worry about asking Miles and Valerie to fix those later.

If there is a later.

I don’t really have a plan anymore. I’ve run out of tricks. I’ve hit the bastard as hard as I can, and I can’t even make a dent in it.

I can only hope that the squads have all finished their missions.

High above the waves, the Caldroid looks down at the ocean.

"He’s probably dead by now. Fleshbags don’t do so well underwater."

The Caldroid points out its hand, palm forward, locking onto Calvin’s position.

Its body glows yellow again.

"But just in case…"


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